About Wyminga Building Company Inc.

Inspired by the original construction of our heritage homes, Bill appreciates their aesthetic character and solid structure. His philosophy on home building follows that tradition. Every home has a personality. This means respect for proper proportions with attention given to every detail, creating an atmosphere that is welcoming from the outside in, and works efficiently from the inside out. A home has to fit in to its landscape.

The Wyminga Building Company Inc. is a dedicated, professional crew who share a commitment of building with integrity, skilled craftsmanship and sustainable construction. Respect for their clients and their profession ensures that this company’s goal is to complete a project to the ultimate satisfaction of the homeowner, every time.

Artful skill and structured planning are the essence of his signature work. Bill Wyminga has spent more than twenty years perfecting his craft.

His professional reputation for excellence and integrity has earned him respect in his trade and his community.

A perfectionist by nature, Bill is a thinker who takes great pleasure in the intricate details of every project. Natural materials blended to create the ambiance of a space are as essential to his vision as the function and efficiency of the environment that surrounds them. The more complicated the scope of the design, the more determined he is to achieve his goal of craftsmanship.